Read It in the Morning Paper

LAKELAND SQUARE: Reporter John Ceballos looks at the demise of enclosed malls through the lens of a native who returned to Lakeland to open Jitters Coffee Cafe (Facebook) at the northside mall; he left after nearby anchors fled the mall and he plans to reopen near Outback Steakhouse on the south side. (Note: The online version does not contain the word dropouts that make the print version difficult to follow.)

ZUPPINA: Editor Lenore Devore praises Cafe Zuppina (web) and its Turkish fare with a three-and-a-half star “Nibbles” review. Notes: 1. I would have granted more stars. 2. It’s been quite a few weeks since we’ve seen Eric Pera’s more thorough restaurant reviews, leaving me to believe word that he’s no longer assigned to dining critiques. (UPDATE: Looks like I was wrong. Eric reviewed a Winter Haven restaurant in the Jan. 19 Timeout.)

ALSO: FSC’s Roberts Academy for children with dyslexia is expanding to seventh and eight grades | Firefighters are training on aircraft fire suppression this week