Read It in the Morning Paper

DINING: The annual Best Bites section, which features mini-reviews of local restaurants — in print only apparently — focuses on food trucks with an overview story and individual features on Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, The Rolling Gourmet, Fritan’go Nicaraguan Cuisine and Sawadee Thai.

MISSING: Looking to see if the Best Bites mini-reviews are online, I was unable to find links on to the searchable Polk dining guide that was launched in 1998 and updated regularly through at least 2014. You can find it if you know the web address, but it’s no longer being maintained, and apparently neither are the morning papers’ numerous other databases (public salaries, crime info, school grades, physician directory, etc.) Readers miss you, Yoon.

ETERNAL POLITICS: After winning re-election last week, Florida Rep. Colleen Burton has already opened a 2018 campaign account.

MYSTERIOUS FIRE: Firefighters say there were signs of squatters at a house in a North Lakeland gated community where they put out a fire Wednesday.

THEFT: A woman pleaded guilty to her role in stealing $1.43 million from the Lakeland Lockheed Martin operation.