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STRONG MAYOR: Fund-raising became a focus in a Lakeland Rotary Club forum on Lakeland’s strong mayor ballot initiative. A questioner pointed out that the vast majority of the $366,000+ to promote strong mayor came from one donor, Gregory Fancelli. Supporters countered that large contributions and campaign direction for No Boss Mayor come from a Washington-based, international organization for city managers. Strong Lakeland donors | No Boss Mayor donors

SKEETER SPRAYING: With mosquitoes in Polk tripling after Hurricane Irma, a FEMA-provided plane will spray soon over Kathleen, North Lakeland and the Green Swamp.

GUITARIST: Accomplished performer Robert Phillips (websitespreads appreciation of classic guitar through teaching. Fact check: He’s directed the guitar program at Harrison School for the Arts far less than 24 years, and former Principal Craig Collins came to the school well before 2009.