Read It in the Morning Paper, Schools Edition

WATER QUALITY: The Polk school district is testing the quality of drinking and cooking water at schools, starting with older buildings. The numbers so far: 5 schools tested; 4 found to have elevated lead levels; 2 are in Lakeland: Cleveland Court Elementary and Winston Academy of Engineering. The remedy: replacing fixtures — or re-piping, if necessary.

ABUSE LAWSUIT: A jury on Thursday awarded a former Kathleen High football player $125,000 in a lawsuit against the Polk School Board. The player contended school administrators were negligent in allowing a former KHS coach to punish him by twisting his nipple.

ARREST: A 16-year-old Kathleen High student was charged with writing a threat to kill or injure after deputies saw Instagram posts that said, “Active shooter drill tomorrow lol it would be a shame if it was real” Wednesday” and  “someone will die today.”