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CITY PAY: A consultant’s study of the competitiveness of city of Lakeland employee salaries resulted in raises for 44 percent of workers. City Manager Tony Delgado said most are in the lowest-pay jobs. No salaries were reduced | View a summary presented to city commissioners this morning. (City staff said more detailed documents should be released within a week.)

OAKBRIDGE: City commissioners approved changes in the development plan for Drummond Co.’s Oakbridge development on both sides of the Polk Parkway along Harden Boulevard. The biggest changes are planned for 67 currently undeveloped acres south of the parkway and east of Harden.
Documents: Southeast quadrant | North Village | Updated development order

ELECTRIC FUEL RATE: City commissioners can change the rate Lakeland Electric customers pay as a fuel charge every three months, but they decided to keep the rate at its current $40.75 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours of power for July through September.