Read It in the Morning Paper, Evening Edition

City commissioners and their senior staff spent the first day of a two-day retreat today looking at plans for the future. Among the stories that emerged:

CAROUSEL: As downtown development honcho Julie Townsend pondered what should go into the now-vacant middle of Munn Park, the idea that swirled in her head was a carousel to draw more families downtown. (In the instant-analysis feedback loop of Facebook, residents threw out many other ideas.) ALSO: LDDA explains the case for a carousel.

POWER PLANT: It’s probably time to close the 37-year-old, coal-fired McIntosh Unit 3 power plant and replace the lost power with a new natural gas plant and an expansion of solar, Lakeland Electric chief Joel Ivy said.

EMERGENCY COORDINATOR: In response to lessons learned during Hurricane Irma, city administrators are budgeting for an emergency operations manager to coordinate disaster response.