Read It in the Morning Paper, Election Edition

  • VOTING: In an article detailing security measures at the Polk Elections Office, Supervisor of Elections Lori Edwards says expects that all mail-in ballots received before Nov. 3 will be tabulated and posted Election night.
  • POLL WATCHERS: Both major parties plan to increase the number of volunteers monitoring activity inside precinct polling places this year.
  • FLORIDA HOUSE 40: In a district that includes most of Lakeland city limits, incumbent Republican Rep. Colleen Burton faces two challengers: Democrat Jan Barrow and independent Emily Michie.
  • FLORIDA HOUSE 56: In a multi-county district that includes some of Lakeland’s southernmost suburbs, first-term incumbent Rep. Melony Bell of Fort Meade, a Republican, is challenged by Democrat James B. Davis of Bartow.
  • MAIL-IN BALLOTS: In a hot and humid climate, some voters are receiving absentee ballots with the mail-back envelope’s adhesive flap already sealed. If you get one like that, it’s OK to slice it open and then seal it with tape after inserting the completed ballot, according to Polk’s elections supervisor, who advises writing your initials near the tape.