Read It in the Morning Paper: Airport Restaurant, Stevin Newsletter

  • AIRPORT RESTAURANT: City commissioners are set to approve a contract Monday for restaurateur and aircraft company CEO Sven Lepschy to open a restaurant, Waco Kitchen, on the mezzanine at Lakeland Linder Airport. Lepschy’s company, DiMor Eats LLC, plans to invest $3 million to enlarge and renovate the existing restaurant space, which has been vacant for two years. (Subscribers-only story) ALSO: LALtoday | City lease agreement with rent credits
  • STEVIN NEWSLETTER: A newsletter sent by the Saga Stevin for mayor campaign claimed incorrectly that the city  paid $12,500 for membership in the U.S. Conference of Mayors and implied Mayor Bill Mutz supports some of the organization’s left-leaning positions. Mutz said he declined to join the conference because of its liberal stances.