Read It in the Morning Paper – After the Presents Were Opened Edition

LET IT SNOW: We didn’t get it for Christmas this year, but on January 19, 1977, Polk County experienced snow with up to 2″ accumulation in spots.

RESCUE: Since 2003, Ashley Barnett has directed some of the profit of her towing business toward her nonprofit Bastet Little Cat Rescue. She currently houses 75 cats for adoption and has helped area car salvage yards reduce their feral cat populations.

DECORATIONS: Thedola and Jimmy Poe have filled their home, yard, and even their car with the decorations of Christmas. The couple’s home on Arlington Road stands out each season. “She’s all into Christmas,” Jimmy said. “This is her passion.” What Thedola Poe looks forward to on Christmas Day though is seeing her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who come for the family dinner.