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  • BYRD APOLOGY: If she had it to do over again, Polk Schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd said in an email apology to her staff, she would have let teachers know why she forwarded a letter from a state lawyer and assured them they wouldn’t be fired for attending a statewide rally in Tallahassee on a school day | Byrd’s email
  • ELECTIONS SUPERVISOR Lori Edwards has picked up opposition for her nonpartisan position. Debbie Hannifan, a Lakeland real estate agent, has filed to run in November’s election against the five-term incumbent.
  • HOMELESS: Federal assistance to Polk County for homelessness programs remains at around $1.9 million, but more could be coming.
  • THEATER: A three-school collaboration brings students from Lake Gibson high school and middle school to work on a Wendell Watson Elementary School musical being staged Sunday.