The Morning Paper leads with a message to readers that today’s package is a two-fer: It includes Wednesday features and ads so that carriers won’t have to drive through the dangerous winds expected in parts of Polk Wednesday morning.

Lakeland news centers on Hurricane Dorian preparedness: The city of Lakeland is ready; the Salvation Army is ready; and Lakeland native Kennieth Brewer, 29, is now an ensign at the local NOAA air station helping with storm prep.

Source: The Ledger

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  1. Ledger delivery not a problem for us. We canceled the new subscription because those greedy Gatehouse folks wanted $ 757.00 for a year of daily delivery. Skip sent you the copy of our bill. We now go to the 7/11 and buy a Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday paper. I believe that greed will kill print media as we have known it. David and Patsy Clarke.

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