Read It in the Morning Paper

BUS 4G: The Citrus Connection is moving ahead with plans to put wifi and electronics charging stations in its buses and implement a pay-as-you-go app as it tries to reverse ridership declines.

DINING: Restaurant critic Eric Pera praises the “crunchy tostones as big as hubcaps” at West Caribbean Cuban Restaurant on Combee Road, which he awards 3 1/2 stars (out of five) for food and four for service.

FEM CIGARS: Pera also catches up with Lashes and Ashes, a group of women who unite once a month over leisurely smokes at Cigar Life in a South Florida Avenue strip mall.

THEATER: Rogue Stage is bringing four one-person shows from the Orlando International Fringe Festival to LkldLive May 17 and 23.