TEEN SHOT: A Winter Haven teen, Michael Jerome Taylor, 17, of the 3700 block of Imperial Drive, was shot and killed Wednesday morning while attempting to elude Lakeland police officers in a stolen car. (Photos)

YOUTUBE: Video of the officer-involved shooting Wednesday morning.

SOLAR POWER: Some Lakeland Electric customers who have installed solar panels have complained about the electric company’s solar policy. They note that in Orlando solar power owners merely receive credit for energy they put into the municipal grid, but are on the same plan as other electric users. They add that Lakeland Electric forces solar users into the Residential Peak Demand (LE link) price plan. In that plan, electric users are charged a higher rate for electricity during peak use times.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Current U.S. Representative Dennis Ross was told by Republican leaders there would be no vote on the budget before Friday. Ross, who is leaving Congress January 3rd, noted budget battles have become routine. “My brief experience in eight years in Congress leads me to understand that we govern more from crisis to crisis, and there’s nothing like a new crisis to take attention off the old crisis,” Ross said.

Source: The Ledger

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