Read It in the Morning Paper

COMBEE: Two Lakeland residents running for Congress called foul after Neil Combee sent out a flyer saying he’s the only Polk resident in the five-man GOP primary. Combee acknowledges it was an error made in haste but added the two, Sean Harper and Ed Shoemaker, wouldn’t have liked the original version: “It was supposed to say, ‘the only candidate who lives and works in Polk County who can win this election.’”

MORE ELECTIONS: Reporters Kimberly C. Moore and John Chambliss summarize the candidates running in two races for School Board and a County Commission race.

RACING DEATH: It wasn’t a case of road rage that led to a driver’s death on Bartow Highway in Highland City last month, Sheriff Grady Judd said; it was a high-speed road race. The survivor was charged with vehicular homicide; deputies say his 2007 Acura TSX went out of control and caused both vehicles to slam into an abandoned building.