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DINING: In a 3 1/2-star review, restaurant critic Eric Pera praises Reececliff Family Diner for “the versatility of its kitchen, which tackles everyday fare with finesse” and concludes that the 82-year-old Lakeland staple is a place “where the past is preserved with loving care and just about everything tastes like it was made from scratch.”
ALSO: Online publication of the review Wednesday prompted readers to tip the newspaper to Facebook “backlash against the diner,” leading to a front-page article about a job applicant who claims the restaurant cancelled an interview with her after she disclosed she was pregnant | A Fox 13 News follow-up: Owner apologizes

HEALTHY EATING: A program that provides two-for-one deals on fresh fruits and vegetables to food stamp families and seniors has a new funding source and will still be available at the Lakeland Downtown Curb Market (info) and through ElderPoint Ministries (info).

FLOODING: Nearby homeowners say construction of Polk County’s Walker Road Park and an adjacent stormwater facility in rural northwest Lakeland has led to flooding of their property. The county parks director says the park was built to engineering specs and there have been no failures. The county’s road and drainage director suggested homeowners improve ditches on their property.

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