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FIRE COMPLAINT: First we were told a Polk fire captain was being investigated for working a North Lakeland fire while off-duty without proper equipment. Then the deputy county manager said Capt. Jay Schwartz should be commended for heroism, not punished. Now we learn that the complaint was filed by a battalion chief and another captain who said Schwartz’ actions endangered others. The deputy county manager’s take? If the battalion chief has an issue, he should have taken care of it at the scene.

MENTAL HEALTH: Free care is available for low-income Polk residents via the half-cent sales tax dedicated to indigent health care. Eligible residents can sign up at or by calling 321-639-1224.

VISTE: The Lakeland-based agency that assists homebound seniors celebrated its 35th birthday.

UPCOMING: Southeastern graduations today and Friday | Florida Poly graduation Friday | Florida Southern graduation Saturday | Polk Girls Rock event Saturday