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SCHOOL SAFETY: To comply with a law requiring armed safety personnel in all public schools, Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd proposed placing specialists in elementary schools who are neither educators nor sworn officers.

SEE IT: Video – Reporter Kimberly Moore takes an aerobatic ride at Sun ‘n Fun | Photos – Florida Southern dedicates its Patriots Plaza

KICKING INCIDENT: Sheriff Judd weighs in on the widely circulated videos of Lakeland police officers using force to subdue a homeless man resisting arrest: “If you fight with police officers, they’re going to fight back. They’ve got to, and it’s not their choice to use force, it’s your choice by resisting.”

FLEETWING: The judge in the Fleetwing trial joked with the company’s lawyer during a break about the free-wheeling spending discussed during the trial. The lawyer then formally asked the judge to remove himself from the trial. His response: Not gonna do it.