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SCHOOL VOTE: In preparation for November’s referendum on a half-cent sales tax for school construction, the Morning Paper looks at public school building needs and high teacher turnover.

NEVER AGAIN: Students and supporters rally in Munn Park for an end to gun violence in schools. Said one 15-year-old speaker: “We are the generation that learned how to hide in closets and how to throw textbooks and how to gouge out eyes like grapes before we learned to multiply. … To us, it makes no sense that nothing significant has been done.”  |  Facebook gallery: Some of the signs

BUS DOLLARS: A decision by the City Commission involving transportation funding could lead to cuts in service along Lakeland Hills Boulevard, the director of the Citrus Connection says.

LINEMEN: Three Lakeland High School students won Platform Art’s competition to design a sculpture that will honor electric lineman on the Lake Mirror side of the Lakeland Electric building.