When QAnon followers held rallies in 200 American cities on Aug. 22, the one in Munn Park was attended by 150 people, making it one of the nation’s largest, The Tampa Bay Times reports. The lengthy article reports on the ways QAnon adherents use the child trafficking issue and the #SaveOurChildren hashtag to recruit people to a set of political conspiracies claiming that President Trump was put in place save the nation from a group of celebrities and politicians who Q followers believe to be Satan-worshipping pedophiles.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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  1. Can anyone NOT prove that these group of celebrities and politicians who Q followers believe to be Satan-worshipping pedophiles are real?Meaning using source files as evidence that the conspiracies have no substance,please change my mind.

  2. Conspiracies are rarely true. This is a fact. There is a real psychological explanation for why we want to believe conspiracies. Read about it if you care. And as for proving this is not real, it’s not how evidence works. You prove something with evidence, but proving the opposite with said evidence is not the same thing. The evidence either adds up or it doesn’t. But if the evidence does not add up, it doesn’t prove it is not true. The real proof in this case is this is pure lunacy. There are creeps in the world who do bad things, even powerful creeps, but there is not some organized conspiracy. One person can hide something very well, many people cannot.

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