Seniors in Polk County wonder when they’ll be able to sign up for COVID-19 vaccines as they see news of inoculations or signups in nearby counties, News Channel 8 reports. The Florida Health Department’s Polk County office says they are working on a plan for vaccine distribution to residents age 65 and older and they will announce it on their website.

Source: News Channel 8

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  1. Why not set up in the retirement communities for the 65 and older. I know all residents aren’t 65 and older, but they could bring paperwork.

  2. Once again Polk county seems to come in last for a service. Other counties near us have already started the immunization process. I guess our fearless leaders just cant get their heads straight on how to order and distribute the vaccine.

  3. Now that is one great idea. Very simple solution, to bad our fearless leaders cant think of that.

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