Polk and Florida Democrats Prefer Biden to Sanders

Lori Edwards

In today’s primary election, Polk County Democrats favored Joe Biden 61.12% over Bernie Sanders’ 22.7%, nearly mirroring the statewide 61.7%-to-22.8% split.

Turnout in Polk was 26.9% — far below the 40% to 50% rate Supervisor of Elections Lori Edwards predicted several months ago and even below the 30% to 35% rate she predicted last week after the coronavirus threat became more serious.

The growing number of people who started sequestering themselves at home this week as a precaution against the disease was certainly a factor, along with polls indicating Biden would perform well in Florida.

For Edwards, the morning began with news that 30 election workers failed to show up at the polls, she told NPR’s Miles Parks, who covers voting and previously worked in Lakeland as a reporter at The Ledger. An estimated 800 election workers failed to show statewide, he reported.

In addition, Edwards told Parks that some people delivering voting machines to polling places were met with resistance from venues who weren’t sure they wanted to host voters after coronavirus worries deepened.

In the Republican primary, President Donald Trump overwhelmed his challengers, carrying 95.3% of the vote in Polk and 93.8% statewide.

Check Polk’s voting results here and statewide results here.

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