Note From the Publisher: Our Voter Guide Is Online


It’s election season. The primary election — where quite a few races will be decided — is Aug. 23, less than a month away, and the general election is Nov. 8. To help you prepare, LkldNow has published our Voter Guide 2022.

We plan to continually update the guide through the end of election season, and we hope you find it valuable to research candidates who aspire to represent Lakeland residents.

The guide includes a page with voting information: where and how to register, getting a personalized sample ballot, request a mail ballot, early voting, looking up your precinct and polling place procedures.

In addition, there are separate pages for each type of race: U.S. House, Florida Senate, Florida House, Polk School Board, Polk County Commission and Polk County judge. These pages have links to information about all the candidates as well as links to news articles and forum videos. In the coming days, we’ll be adding lots more news links.

I think you’ll like the improved navigation and less-cluttered look. There are further upgrades planned that should be in place in time for the general election. I’ll have more on those when they launch.

I hope you find the Voter Guide helpful. I consider it important to LkldNow’s nonprofit mission of fostering citizen engagement through quality news and information.

As always, we’d love to hear from you about it. Please email me with any feedback, corrections or info that should be added.

— Barry Friedman, Editor & Publisher

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