Lakeland’s First Parking Garage Is Now a Bank

The building on Munn Park where BB&T Bank does business started life in 1927 as the Autotel, Lakeland’s first parking garage. A variety of services were available for your car such as battery and tire replacement. You could park your car out of the weather, which had its advantages when you’re driving an open touring or roadster auto as was the norm in the 1920s.

Over the years the building at 114 N. Tennessee Ave. underwent many changes. Sometime in the 1950s the lower levels were closed in. The building was converted and subdivided into retail and dining establishments.

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Long-time Lakeland residents might remember when Morrison’s Cafeteria was in this building or perhaps shopped for clothes or had an ice cream sundae when the Fox & Hound clothing store occupied the structure in the late 70s and early 80s.

Currently the building houses BB&T Bank, along with other businesses on the upper levels. In the lobby of the bank is a small shadow box featuring items such as an old liquor bottle and a rusty revolver found during the latest renovation of the building.

Where folks once parked their Model A Ford, people today conduct their banking and other business.

Richard W. Snell, an amateur local historian, is from a pioneer Lakeland family. In addition to local history, he enjoys restoring vintage cars.