Facing financial challenges, Lakeland Regional Health has asked the city of Lakeland to forego planned rent increases through 2025. If city commissioners approve the request, it would mean a $48.6 million revenue reduction over the next few years for the city and a possible property tax increase for residents.

Source: The Ledger

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  1. This is utter insanity. Lakeland Regional has mismanaged their finances and expect taxpayers to hear the brunt of their mismanagement. They built that hundreds of thousands of dollars “god-awful” auditorium that sits mostly unused with the ugliest hundreds of thousands of dollars sculpture. The monies spent for all of that would have been better spent on paying their leases.

  2. We already have to pay outrageous bills charged by the hospital why should the tax payers have to pay more? Will they forgive me the $3k in Bill’s I owe them?

  3. This is totally absurd. Ive NEVER been a patient in this hospital, and now won’t allow myself to either…. surgeries needed or not.
    The head of the hospital retiring is gonna mean changes too.
    The hospital is totally after the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR….TO HELL WITH PATIENT CARE!!!!! The ENTIRE STAFF should be ASHAMED of themselves.
    I’ll badmouth this hospital now any time that I get the chance to, believe you me, I will.

  4. Full financials from the beginning of this project should be made public before any decisions. This decisions should be made by tax payers. Names and financials of all involved.

    We need to know what happened, and if time has taught us something, is follow the money.

    Jenkins name should be considered to be changed too.
    Like Taxpayers Hospital. Like everything that is billed is from Tax Payers. Private insurance and State Insurance is paid by tax payers.

    Will the city forgive taxpayers property taxes too?
    Mine doubled from previous years.

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