A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a pleasant chat over coffee with Rilee Delgado and Connor Keith from the local lifestyles newsletter LALtoday. Among the topics we discussed was my perception that some local residents are confused about the differences between some of the newer media organizations in Lakeland.

They proposed to do a quick guide to local media. It published this week, and you can see it here. The guide includes descriptions of LALtoday, LkldNow, The Lakelander, Lakeland Mom, The Ledger, LKLD Magazine, and the city of Lakeland’s Access Lakeland newsletter.

Rilee was nice enough to invite me to send her some specifics I would like to see included in the article. I sent her some key talking points, knowing they would far exceed the 40 or so words she told me they would be using.

They did a great job summarizing what we do at LkldNow, but for the benefit of our newsletter readers, I want to share the talking points. A lot of you know these things about LkldNow, but it it might show you some things you didn’t know about us.

LkldNow talking points

  • LkldNow provides independent, community-driven news about Lakeland.
  • The focus of our coverage is efforts to make Lakeland more livable. We strive for impartial coverage that helps residents understand their community better.
  • We are a project of Linking Community Now Inc., a 501C3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase citizen engagement through easy access to local news and information.
  • We feel our nonprofit status telegraphs that readers are central to our coverage, not institutions or profit motives.
  • LkldNow is supported financially through a combination of memberships, donations, grants and sponsorships from local businesses and organizations.
  • LkldNow was founded in 2015 by Barry Friedman, a career journalist who has spent 40 years curating news for readers in Lakeland and Polk County.
  • We provide our news through a variety of platforms: Our website: LkldNow.com; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; videos; newsletters, including a weekly roundup that also previews weekend events.
  • We have no paywall and never plan to because we think access to local information shouldn’t be restricted by the user’s ability to pay.

SEND CORRECTIONS, questions, feedback or news tips: newstips@lkldnow.com


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Barry Friedman founded Lkldnow.com in 2015 as the culmination of a career in print and digital journalism. Since 1982, he has used the tools of reporting, editing and content curation to help people in Lakeland understand their community better.

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