Kimmy Gabriela Looks at Bright Side After Current ‘Idol’ Quest Ends

George Jenkins High School senior Kimmy Gabriela broke the news to her fans that she did not make the Top 11 on ABC’s “American Idol” by telling them about the confidence and determination the experience gave her and listing 14 “firsts” the show brought her.

Viewers voted for their favorite singer last Sunday and Monday following last week’s show, which featured the Top 20 contestants singing from their homes while under coronavirus distancing. Results of the voting were announced during last night’s show.

Here’s what Kimmy wrote on Instagram:

Hi babies!!! So if you haven’t heard by now I did NOT make top 10, my journey on idol has come to an end —BUT this is not a sad thing!!! I made it to the top 20!! I was able to meet/work with some of the most incredible people I have ever met and it has been the best 9 months of my life.

I have become a more confident, self assured, happy person because of my time on Idol. I’m willing to take more risks and fight for what I really want.

Here are a couple of firsts Idol blessed me with:

  • First time traveling out of state
  • First time visiting California (Hollywood!)
  • First time on an airplane/ flying
  • First time I was able to apply my own lashes (still kinda crappy at it but getting better!)
  • First time visiting Hawaii
  • First time I explored LA
  • First time I met my Idol pals❤️
  • First time singing with a band
  • First time wearing a crop top confidently out in public
  • First time being interviewed
  • First time meeting a celebrity
  • First time on a double decker bus
  • First time I opened up to new people
  • First time I admitted who I really was and what I wanted to do with my life.

Im really proud of the journey and happy that it ended with such positive feedback from you guys and the judges. My only regret was never getting to sing in Spanish, next round I was finally gonna do it. But everything happens for a reason and I feel nothing but happiness and gratitude for the past 9 months of my life. Thank you @americanidol for changing my life forever.

Eight hours after she posted the message on Instagram, it had 8,601 likes and Kimmy had gotten 392 messages of encouragement.