Judd Ponders: Was Suicide Intentional or Accidental?

Reviewing a day-long standoff that ended in a suspect’s suicide, Sheriff Grady Judd said a deep mystery remains: After chemicals forced Gary Cauley to the doorway of the house where he had holed up,  “We kept telling him to get down. He started going to the ground, the gun in his mouth. That is when the gun discharged. We will never know: Did he intentionally shoot himself while he was going to the ground or did he have an accidental discharge while he was going to the ground? That will be a mystery for the rest of time.”

On a side note, newspapers often explain controversial decisions to their readers. So far, there’s been no official word that we’ve seen on the decision to publish online and then pull photos showing Cauley pointing a gun at himself. On the newspaper’s Facebook page, several hundred readers criticized the publishing of the photos.