Women locked hands in prayer and men laid on the ground in a death pose in a protest at the Polk County Courthouse. They came together to protest after prosecutors cleared Lakeland Police officers in the December fatal shooting of Michael Taylor.

Source: 10 News

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  1. The Officers involved have been investigated and found not guilty. End of story. Standing outside the Court House or lying down on the ground is not solving anything. The man who was shot was resisting arrest, violent and refused to obey any lawful order. When he attempted to injure the officer he had to resort to deadly force.
    All he had to do was be compliant to start with and none of this would have happened!

  2. These people protest the death of a criminal who would not have been shot had he complied. But these people would never think of protesting the death of a police officer who gives his life in the service of his City, County, State,and Country, leaving grieving family behind. I have nothing but disgust and distain for these people who choose to always blame others for their actions and the actions of their criminal family and friends. It’s a pretty good guess that these people are also living off the working man’s tax dollars.

  3. “These” people? Prejudice rears its ugly head. Sad we can not see both sides. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. LPD needs a lot more training. Many more hours, weeks, months.

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