The newest candidate for the seat in Congress that represents Lakeland is Eddie Geller, a 37-year-old entertainer and activist who recently moved to Brandon to run for the seat, The Ledger reports. Geller faces Jesse Philippe in the Democratic primary that will determine who faces Republican incumbent Scott Franklin of Lakeland next fall. He said he was motivated to run by seeing Franklin “vote to challenge the election results and perpetuate the big lie.” LINKS: Tampa Bay Times articleCampaign website | YouTube announcement

Source: The Ledger

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  1. Why would I vote for a an actor, let alone a basically unknown actor who moved here simply to qualify to run.

    Franklin did the right thing in challenging the election vote. This was the most fraudulent election in history. We might as will be living in Communist China.

  2. Pat Philson, Where is your proof that the election was fraudulent? You have none. Why did the 60 lawsuits filed on behalf of trump for a fraudulent election all lose except one? Go to and look up the swing states where the lawsuits were filed. The election was one of the most secure every held. Search on the internet for “2020 election was most secure ever held”. trump’s ego cannot take a loss. trump is one of the most evil men on earth. trump ignited a rebellion against the US. I do believe he will eventually go to jail.

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