City’s $763 Million Budget Includes Funds for Police Body Cameras

The city of Lakeland’s $763 million budget for 2022, which was approved Thursday night, includes $1.1 million to purchase body cameras and other technology for police officers, The Ledger reported. The property tax rate was reduced slightly from $5.4644 to $5.4323 per $1,000 assessed value; that represents a 4.3% increase in revenue to the city because of rising property values. | ALSO: Budget presentation | Budget ordinance | News release |

The vote on the budget was 4-2, with Commissioners Stephanie Madden, Sara Roberts McCarley, Chad McLeod and Phillip Walker voting in favor. Commissioners Mike Musick and Bill Read dissented, expressing concerns about the cost of the police cameras. Mayor Bill Mutz was absent; he has been a proponent of police body cams.

The vote on the tax rate was 5-1, with Read dissenting, having pushed for a lower rate.