City commissioners vote Monday on a zoning proposal to allow 120 apartments on now-vacant land at the southeast corner of Parkway Frontage Road South and Pipkin Creek Road, The Ledger reports. If approved, the 5.76-acre parcel will be paired with property immediately to the east for a 391-apartment complex. The land is currently zoned for retail, office and commercial use. | Proposed land-use ordinance

Source: The Ledger

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  1. Trying to turn a quaint, nice suburban area into a meat market for traffic and big apartment complex’s .

  2. On the one hand, it is nice to live in a growing city. On the other hand, the planners, assessors and City Administrators seem myopic in the actual environmental impact. Example, the Summit building contains 500 offices, yet, Mass. Ave. is still a 2 lane street! What nightmarish traffic jam will happen when a train meanders and stops through downtown, cutting Mass. Ave. in two-for 30 minutes plus?
    Next, look at S. Lake and Orange Streets. Another apartment building/complex is under construction. Where will all those people park? What kind of traffic nightmare will there be on Orange St? At the corner of S. Lake St and E. Lime St., sits “The Gardens”, whose residents have to pay $55 for one, non-reserved parking spot. Catch as catch can and when they can’t will they start parking wherever they want?
    As a transplanted NYer, I am used to city planners with visions of the impact of population and business growth. Is it possible to send whoever approves these projects to NY for mentoring?

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