City Commission Highlights Via Social Media

Here are some highlights from today’s City Commission meeting:

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City Commission Proclamations – July 2019 | Washington Park/Rochelle High School Alumni Association Day – July 1, 2019 Here to receive the proclamation is Ms. Beverly Brooks Boatwright – President, Lt. Colonel Terry Coney – Vice President, Ms. Rosa Lux Hughes – Secretary, Ms. Gwendolyn Du Bose Curtis – Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Angela Terrell-Walker – Financial Secretary and Mrs. Jacqueline Speed – Scholarship Banquet Chairperson. The Washington Park/Rochelle Jr-Sr High School will have a forever historical legacy in the city of Lakeland. In 1927, Washington Park became a school with grades 1-8 and in 1928, expanded to grade 11 becoming one of only six Black high schools in Florida. On June 8, 1930, the first class graduated from Washington Park High School with a graduating class of ten students. In 1949, the school’s name changed to Rochelle Jr-Sr High School, after Professor William A. Rochelle, a teacher and former Principal of Washington Park High School. In 1951, a new high school was opened across the street from the old school with the last class graduating in June 1969. On May 17,1954, the United States Supreme Court ruled American State laws establishing racial segregation in public schools was unconstitutional and in 1965-1966 the Polk County Public School System started a voluntary integration plan with a selected group of black students attending Lakeland High School. On October 19, 1993, alumni from Washington Park High School met to organize the Washington Park Club with a mission of sponsoring fundraising events with proceeds supporting higher education for students in the Northwest community. The name of the organization was amended to Washington Park/Rochelle High School Alumni Association, Inc. and awarded three $750.00 scholarships. On June 5, 2019, the Washington Park/Rochelle High School Alumni Association, Inc. recognized the 50th Anniversary of the last class graduating from Rochelle Jr-Sr High School and on June 8, 2019 awarded 13 $2,000 scholarships. Washington Park/Rochelle High School Alumni Association, Inc. has awarded over $200,000 in financial assistance over the last 26 years. @RochelleSOTA

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