Not Everyone Loves Beautification Winner’s Yellow Door


Apparently Debbie Fuson’s bright yellow front door  presents a point of contention with someone special to her. When Fuson accepted the city’s residential beautification award for June this morning, city Communications Director Kevin Cook commented, “I love that yellow door. That is awesome.”

Fuson responded: “My mother doesn’t love it, but I tell her, ‘Mother, I love it. It’s my door.’ “

Fuson says she loves coming home to the house at 114 Hibriten Way where she’s lived for 19 years.

“I love living in Lakeland. I love my neighborhood,” she said when receiving the award at this morning’s City Commission meeting. “I’m not officially in the Dixieland neighborhood but I’m right on the cusp, so I consider Dixieland my neighborhood.”

The photo on the left above was taken for Google Maps in May 2011 and shows the house before major landscaping, painting and reconfiguring of the front entrance. The photo on the right was taken Saturday.

The Lakeland Beautification Board gives two beautification awards each month, one for a residence and one for a commercial property. Nominations can be made by sending an email to Bill.Koen(at)

The commercial beautification award for June went to Salon Ezenzie, 210 Arteva Drive.

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The city of Lakeland residential beautification award for June goes to Debbie Fuson for her home at 114 Hibriten Way. The address is just outside the Dixieland Historic District, but Debbie says she considers herself a Dixieland resident. The commercial award for June goes to Salon Ezenzia, 210 Arteva Drive.

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