The company, which customizes corporate aircraft, owes the city of Lakeland a little more than $200,000.

Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal

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  1. Remember working for Piper right after I graduated Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 1980, I have to LOL with first, this was a facility to do” modification” on commercial aircraft. This was NOT a hangar, in any sense of the word, that could accommodate commercial aircraft. Sure, you could get the nose of the aircraft inside but, protect it from the Florida elements?!? SMH & LMAO!

    AND, the best part! FMS tried to get me to go to work for them some years ago, right after I retired from the REAL world of commercial aviation. Well, suffice to say, reading the once on-line self induced hoopla of the once “facilitators” of this defunct farce of a business AND KNOWING what they were claiming they could do out of THIS FACILITY…I politey hung up on the individual who contacted me…WHO…IN MY HUMBLEST OF OPINIONS..WAS DRUNK OFF HIS BUTT EVIDENCED IN THE MIDST OF THE CALL!!!

    In the end, and let’s TOTALLY for get the likes of the rightfully defunct FMS, let’s never EVER again consider that this part of the airport could be ANYTHING MORE than support for the SIZE of the once aircraft that were built there. The Piper Cheyenne III and Navajo. (Navajo? i was an electrician on the Cheyenne) For the City of Lakeland to AGAIN fall for THE LIE that this EVEN REMOTELY should again be a allowed to be considered a modification/repair/overhaul facility would put the people of Lakeland further in the red…in regards to this once FACTORY!

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