The actors who played President Trump and Hillary Clinton in a skit that included a mock assassination stood by their act several days after it sparked online controversy and an apology from the Polk Theatre (previous article.) The skit was part of the pre-show at Friday night’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience. Many thought the assassination theme was in poor taste. Actor Ashley Khole Panic, who played Clinton, said on Facebook, “I’m not sorry, and I shouldn’t have to censor my art.” Actor Nichole Stone, who played Trump, told Bay News 9, “Nowhere in the lyrics did we actually say to go out and kill the president or go out and kill anybody.”

Source: Bay News 9

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  1. Don’t we have enough killings in places of worship, in the workplace, in the streets without having public figures slaughtered onstage? Art has stopped being art when it loses its decency.

  2. ART? I hardly think so! Who do they think supports the Polk Theater? Certainly not me if they continue to book acts as this!

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