Nicki Minaj’ Cosmo Cover Brings Attention to Lakeland Designer

Altrichia CookMany people in Lakeland already know about Altrichia Cook and her swimsuit company, Allusions by A. LeKay. But thanks to Nicki Minaj and a Cosmo cover, the world is learning about the 28-year-old Lakelander.

Cook, who graduated from Bartow High School and has a master’s degree in social policy administration from FAMU, has kept her day job as a probation officer. But her side business has taken off since Minaj was photographed in one of her suits for the July Cosmopolitan magazine.

Cook’s company specializes in swimwear that allows women to “flaunt their fashion sense…while providing the ability to cover imperfections.” It got its start when people took notice of the bathing suit she made to cover stretch marks from her pregnancy with 9-year-old son, Anthony.

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In recent days, Cook and her swimsuits have been featured on sites as diverse as Buzzfeed, Mashable, Yahoo! Parenting, NewsOne for Black America and the British tabloid Mirror.

Here’s Cook in one of her creations: